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Benefits of our Hosted Exchange Server


Anywhere, Anytime Access

Access your FULL mailbox, calendar, contacts, and public folders – not just inbox or email folders from:

Microsoft Outlook – home and work

Any Web Browser – you can continue to use your favorite web browser.

Mobile Devices

BlackBerry smartphones, iPhone, Treo, Windows Mobile handhelds

2-way wireless synchronization for email folders, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks

Get More Done

Increase productivity:

Calendar Sharing – saves hours when scheduling meetings.

Delegation – assistants can manage other team members’ mailboxes.

Public Folders – create department, team, project, or customer folders that have their own calendar, contact, emails, files – all accessible by any user in the group.

Peace of Mind

Up to 70% of business data resides in email. Temporary or permanent loss of email means lost productivity, lost customers, and lost revenue.

Backups – we do daily backups, monitored closely, and routinely test.

Off-Site Storage – if a user loses a hard drive, no Outlook data is lost. The entire mailbox is easily recreated on a new PC.

Server Maintenance – we take care of all upgrades, security patches and routine maintenance.

• Custom software to make Exchange Server more robust.

• Intensive continuous monitoring to quickly detect issues and page a system administrator to resolve them before they become problems.